Why scratch off cards?

Scratch off cards offer an engaging experience for customers, whether you are trying to break through the clutter of the typical marketing promotions to acquire new customers, or offering something valuable to your current customers to keep them coming back

What are some examples of successful uses for custom scratch offs?

Store grand opening offering scratch offs to its first customers in the door - posted on all social media to generate buzz; Black Friday promotion for first customers in the door - featured in TV commercial and social media; post-sale handout for private medical facilities (dentist, salon, health spa) with discount for future visit.

Why Scratch Off Guys?

Scratch Off Guys is a small, owner-operated business with over 10 years of experience. We're always competitively priced, offer quick turnaround times, and help develop custom promotional solutions for our customers. We work with just about anyone - We have done small projects of 75-100 cards for private events up to orders for 5,000+ cards. 

What types of businesses can benefit from a custom scratch & win promotion?

Almost any! We have done successful projects for restaurants & bars, medical offices, golf courses, retail stores, non-profit.

Do you only do scratch off cards?

Absolutely not. We can print anything you would like in most common sizes.

What is the average turnaround time?

Once a design is finalized, we typically ship the finished product out between 3-5 business days later. Larger orders obviously take a little longer

What if I don't have a design?

No problem! It only takes a few ideas and perhaps a logo to get us going on a custom card design. In fact, the majority of our customers take advantage of this service.

What does it cost?

Every project is different so we can't capture every scenario but we are very quick at turning around pricing if you want to email, call, or fill out our quote form. We are working on some general pricing for common order types and will be posting those soon.